Dog Boarding And Dog Training Tips

Dog Boarding Tips

When caring for their animal, a lot of people don’t know where to start. Finding places that are trustworthy can be a difficult and complicated process. In this section, you’ll be walked through some helpful advice on how to choose a great boarding facility for your dog.

Choosing Boarding

A lot of pet owners are faced with making decisions regarding the care of their dog when on vacation. A lot of times, you can get lucky and ask a friend or family member to look after them. One of the options that is available is to board them. Here’s a few tips for any dog day care austin.

Get Recommendations:

Like any pet owner you want the comfort of knowing your dog is safe and well taken care of while you’re away from home. Make sure it’s a place that has a lot of room to run around in. You want your pet to feel at home. Ask friends and family members, they could know some boarding options themselves. You can even contact your veterinarian. Most of the time they will have recommendations for you and might even board as well.

Know where you’re sending your dog:

A lot of boarding kennels allow potential clients to tour their facility. Look for cleanliness

where the dogs are kept, while making sure dogs have enough space for themselves. Familiarize yourself with the exercising schedule. You need to feel comfortable with the facility you choose, as it will ensure good care of your dog and that you are worry free while gone. And, of course, make sure your dog can get along well with other animals, as they will be in close quarters with them. Some facilities will even let you do a “trial” run, if you will.

Have Emergency Information Ready:

After you’ve chosen your desired boarding facility, make sure all of your emergency information is organized and given to kennel owner. Most will require this information. Be sure to leave your contact number, as well as that of a friend or family member; someone close by. Also have your veterinarian’s contact information. And finally, leave your trip information: where you’re staying, hotel numbers, family’s numbers if you’re staying with them, etc.).

Everyone loves a vacation, but they also love to make sure their animal is in good hands while away. The main focus is to find a place you know is safe for your dog. This will give you

Dog Training Tips

If you’re wanting to train your dog, this section will provide you with helpful tips on what to do.

Have realistic expectations:

Remember that when working with behavior, the changes involved take time. You need to be realistic about how long this process take. Don’t expect to suddenly change a certain aspect of behavior that has been a part of your dog’s habit for 5 years. It’s not necessarily too late to make the change, it’ll just take longer than if you were to start training earlier.

Consistency is Key:

Be consistent with your training regimen. For example, if you say “get down” when you’re dog is jumping on the couch and a family member or friend says “off” , your dog won’t know what you want if someone else is letting him continue to sit on the couch.

Don’t underestimate Affection:

Give your dog a lot of affection when he does the right thing. Exaggerate your praise and show him attention.

Reward Your Dog:

Always remember that incorporating rewards means to make sure your dog’s behavior produces the treat. Not the other way around. You don’t want to bribe him. Use rewards only when in an active training session.

Training your dog can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and him. Be patient, understanding and always show you’re appreciative of him.