How to Get Comfortable at a New Gym

How to Get Comfortable at a New Gym

The idea of being in a new gym can be pretty scary and if it is not addressed right, it may hinder you from your fitness goals. If it is your first time in a gym, you may be worried about how people will look at you, how you wear and how they might think about your movements and lack of knowledge in handling different equipment. If faced with such challenges, here are a few tips that will help you easily blend in in your new gym.

Proper Gym Attire

It is important that you invest in a proper gym attire. Purchase gym clothes that fit you properly, covering all the relevant areas. The clothes should not be too tight such that they restrict your movement. Also, they shouldn’t be overly large as this will only make you look miserable and attract too much attention to you.

Avoiding Peak Hours

Most gyms have their peak hours in the early mornings and in the evenings. During peak hours, there are so many people in the gym and they might make you feel uncomfortable. Especially, if they are experienced in the gym. You can ask the gym administrator for the gym’s slow hours. Visiting the gym then will feel more comfortable as there are less people during such hours.

Tag a Friend Along

If it is your first time at the gym and you are afraid of all the new faces that you will meet, you can tag a friend along. They will help prevent you from feeling out of place. Also, if they are experienced, they will help you learn the tricks of the gym quickly.

Avoid Comparing

Most people will have started attending the gym long before you. Hence, they will have almost perfect bodies that may discourage you if you pay too much attention to them. Truth be told, everyone is brought to the gym with the aim of accomplishing different goals. Therefore, avoid looking at other people’s bodies and what exercises they are taking. Instead, put effort on achieving the goals that brought you to the gym in the first place.


Orientation is very important if you do not want people looking at you weirdly because you know not how to handle gym equipment. Most gyms, such as, the fitness club Austin, offer free orientation classes. Here, you can learn how to handle the different equipment for when the real gym sessions start.

Gym Etiquette

You do not want everyone avoiding you for your annoying behavior at the gym. Before you attend the gym for the first time, ensure that you learn what is expected of you during the session and always ensure that you treat others with respect.